This privacy policy applies to all products and services of the 1Forma company that do not have an independent privacy policy or refer to this policy («Application», «Services»).

1. Types of data we collect

1.1. Personal data voluntarily provided by users:

  • When registering or using the 1Forma application, you may need to provide the following personal data: user name, age, gender, phone number, country, city, email address, Skype, ICQ, Facebook, Twitter, date of birth, maiden surname, personal photo.
  • Users can save or transfer photo, video and audio files in 1Forma.
  • The 1Forma may store data about users’ actions (system logs).
  • Users can voluntarily save or transmit any confidential information via 1Forma (i.e. in chat messages).
  • When using feedback forms on the 1Forma website, users provide the following personal data: name (full name), phone number, email address.

1.2 Information that is collected automatically:

  • Debug information (log records for application crashes, information about user’s device and Internet connection).
  • Location information (only when it is enabled on the user’s device).

1.3 The 1Forma company does not control and is not responsible for any information of third parties, stored in 1Forma application or which can be accessed by using data, stored in the 1Forma application.

1.4 In accordance with the Russian Federal Law on Personal Data (No. 152-FZ), implemented on July 27, 2006, by agreeing to be registered in the 1Forma application or by sending a message through the feedback form on the 1Forma website, the user voluntarily consents the 1Forma company to process his personal data listed in clause 1.1.

1.5 The 1Forma company does not verify the accuracy of personal data provided by users. Users should update or request for update of their personal data, stored in the 1Forma application, in case of changes.

2. How we use personal data

2.1 The 1Forma company may use the data described in clause 1.1 of this policy, voluntarily provided by customers or users, for the following purposes:

  • to provide users with technical support services;
  • for internal analysis and research in order to improve our products and services;
  • to provide users with relevant news about our products and services;
  • to send service messages (i.e. for password recovery);
  • to detect and prevent fraud and abuse of our sites, applications and services.

2.2 The 1Forma company does not control personal data, collected by our customers in their 1Forma applications. The data provided by customers’ users are stored on the customers’ servers, and the 1Forma company does not have physical access to them.

2.3 We do not provide or sell users’ personal data to third parties not related to the 1Forma company.

3. Personal data protection

3.1 Since all data is physically stored on the customer’s servers, the customer is responsible for the safety of this data.

3.2 The 1Forma company takes the necessary and sufficient organizational and technical measures to protect personal data from unauthorized or accidental access, destruction, modification, blocking, copying, distribution, as well as from other illegal actions of third parties, including users and employers, who own the server hardware.

3.3 We do not guarantee the complete exclusion of abuse of users’ personal data by violators. If the user becomes aware of an unauthorized use of his password or other security breach, he must immediately contact us (see clause 5. Feedback).

4. Changes to the Privacy Policy

4.1 The 1Forma company has the right to make changes to this Privacy Policy. When making changes in the current edition, the date of the last update is indicated. The new version of the Policy comes into force from the moment it is posted, unless otherwise provided by the new version of the Policy. The current edition is constantly available on the page at .

5. Feedback

5.1 Please, send you suggestions or questions regarding this Policy to our Support Service


Last modified: April 11, 2019