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1Forma BPM

Optimize and improve your business processes with our solutions.

Bring your customized workflows to our low code platform.

Improve the productivity of your management on mobile and desktop operations.

We are a flexible and powerful business process management software, built to improve communications and collaboration within the company.

1Forma has a full modern feature set — starting from chatbots and wizards to API and AI, predictive analytics and multilanguage communications, but we made our platform mainly to speed up the BPM.

In 1Forma, you can set up a business process in less than 2 hours. And it will be completely customized to your needs.


You've invested years in fine-tuning of your existing software. We can save your investments, bring the right processes to 1Forma and significantly reduce maintenance costs.

We offer easy, manageable solutions, and our goal is to pass on knowledge of how to set up new workflows in your 1Forma.

Apply our modern tools to speed up and lower your investments in business processes automation.

Use our modern platform to accomplish the same tasks you can do with the old systems, like Salesforce, SAP, MS Dynamics, Slack or Sharepoint.

Train your IT personnel on how to consolidate processes to 1Forma.

Reach us anytime you need help.


Teamwork is a core value

1Forma is a convenient tool to help businesses automate every process.

We have expertise in leading industries — from insurance and banking to retail and manufacturing, from b2b services to non-profit organizations.

You will have complete flexibility to automate your processes in a faster and cheaper manner, based on our experience.

If needed, we can bring our engineers and business analysts to achieve our clients' goals.

SaaS is an on-premise installation for you only

Keep your workflow safe in the world's leading data-centers with our SaaS in your private cloud.

Or deploy our on-premise version on every IT infrastructure.

We help our clients

Grow faster than market.

Operate with lower costs.

Deploy new, customizable services.

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Some of our clients' numbers:

Workforce productivity
130 %
Projects go-live speed
150 %
Documents approval speed
130 %

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enterprise users


mobile apps
active daily


Cutting edge solutions made simple.

Seamless multilingual communications.

AI in management to focus on key goals and to boost effectiveness.

Consumer-centric mobility as a core value.

Predictive analytics of business performance.


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